More Mary Skelter 2 Characters Revealed

Compile Heart has released new information for its upcoming dungeon-crawling RPG Mary Skelter 2. The information and new images introduce five more of the game’s characters, along with some details on the game’s combat system.



The first of the new characters shown is Hamelin (named after the town of the Pied Piper). She is encountered by main protagonist Tsuu in an underground cave, which she is powerful enough to rule over, but is inarticulate and clumsy. The second character is Gretel, who lives in the prison cells with her brother Hansel. She thinks logically and has a dry and harsh outlook. The third character, Rapunzel, is the youngest of this group. Rapunzel often acts a bit wildly, attempting to eat part of the Jail, but is the most honest and innocent of the three.

Two other characters were also detailed. Kaguya is found in the jail while searching for other Blood Maidens and has a ladylike aura and manner, riding her special vehicle both in and out of combat. Thumbelina, meanwhile, is the oldest of three sisters. She and her sisters Snow White and Sleeping Beauty were originally Blood Maidens returned to the Order of the Sun. After uniting with Tsuu, Thumbelina becomes distrustful of everyone.



Combat in Mary Skelter 2 uses a farily quick, turn-based command system where Tsuu and five other Blood Maidens participate at once. Hitting enemy weak points or performing overkills causes blood to splatter and stick to the combatants. Licking the blood allows characters to perform healing skills, while characters who become covered in blood can transform into special powered-up modes. One of these modes sees the character refusing to listen to orders and attacking both friends and foes, with Jack being the only one who can return them to their original state.

New to Mary Skelter 2 is something dubbed the “Kagome Kagome Effect”. This is achieved by using certain weapons and skills, and causes the enemy to become defenseless. Players can then use this opportunity to go all out on that enemy, or perhaps use the time to focus on other opponents.



Mary Skelter 2 is being developed for PlayStation 4 and is set to be released on June 28, 2018 in Japan. In addition to the sequel, which follows a new main protagonist but sees some important cast members return, the release will also include a remake of the first game that includes all the enhancements made to the various systems in the sequel.


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