Mary Skelter 2 Systems Detailed

Idea Factory has provided more details for upcoming dungeon-crawler Mary Skelter 2. The information focuses on a number of systems in the game, primarily in the realm of character growth.

Each party member, or Blood Maiden, can change between five jobs that determine their abilities, potential equipment, and appearance. The list of jobs available differs between each Blood Maiden. In addition, Blood Maidens can learn special skills using Blood Packs. These can be found through farming — by raising special Blood Flowers — and searching dungeons. However, Blood Packs must first be appraised before they can be used.

When each Blood Maiden levels up, they receive CP, which is used to level up skills and learn new ones. Skills can be learned across jobs. If players wish to revert their previous point spending, they can use the Blood Devolution system to reset a Blood Maiden to a lower level, though they may need to relearn skills even if they have been used previously. Finally, players can give gifts to the Blood Maidens, which can result in players getting special items and unlocking special event images.

Mary Skelter 2 will be released for Nintendo Switch in North America on October 22, 2019. The European release will follow a day later on October 23, 2019. The game will be digital-only in both regions, but will come with a Nintendo Switch copy of predecessor Mary Skelter: Nightmares that features revamped systems and balancing.



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