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Almighty: Kill Your Gods Announced

Almighty: Kill Your Gods is a third-person action RPG that is heading to PC via Steam. The game wants players to maim enemies and use their carcasses to rebuild their shattered home.

Action RPG Yaga Gets Bad Fate Update

An update for action RPG based on Slavic folktales, Yaga, is now available for its PC and iOS versions. New game modes and a host of improvements will help players get their revenge on Likho, the one who claimed Ivan’s hand.

Wintermoor Tactics Club Coming to Consoles

After previously being announced for PC, Wintermoor Tactics Club now looks like it is also heading to consoles. Players will be able to help Alicia keep her Tactics Club going later this year.

Yaga Launches on Apple Arcade

Slavic folklore RPG Yaga is now available on the Apple Arcade service. The game will also be coming to PC and consoles in a couple of weeks.

Yaga to Release in November

Ivan the friendly one-handed blacksmith’s journey begins this November. Yaga is an adventure that follows the unlucky hero as he attempts to solve all of his woes.

Yaga Unveils Kikimora in Battle Trailer

Not only does Ivan have a hand missing and incredible bad luck, but he is also a magnet for evil creatures. In Yaga, Ivan will fight nasty beasts such as Kikimora, a bucket-wearing evil scarecrow.

Folktale RPG Yaga Announced

In Versus Evil’s new title Yaga, players control Ivan, a portly blacksmith with awful luck. The one-armed smithy will need more than a flying forge in his pursuit to find a bride and get his granny off his back.