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Tamarak Trail Release Date Announced

Developer Yarrow Games has announced that dice-oriented deck-building roguelike Tamarak Trail will be released for PC and all current consoles this month. It is currently available for pre-order on Switch and Xbox platforms.

Publisher Versus Evil Shutting Down

Versus Evil, a publishing label dedicated to independent developers, is shutting down. Parent company tinyBuild laid off the label’s staff just ahead of the holiday period.

Broken Roads Pushed to 2024

Although previously planned to launch next week, Broken Roads has been delayed. The isometric narrative-driven RPG will now launch in early 2024.

Broken Roads Introduces Its Hired Gun Origin

Versus Evil and Drop Bear Bytes released the first of a set of videos introducing Broken Roads’ character origins. The Hired Gun is one of four origins players can take on later this month.

Tamarak Trail Developer Diaries

Versus Evil has released two new developer diaries for Tamarak Trail. The videos showcase location inspirations and enemy designs for the upcoming game.

Broken Roads Releasing in November

Drop Bear Bytes and Versus Evil revealed a release date for Broken Roads. The isometric narrative-driven RPG will hit PC and Xbox consoles in November.

Tamarak Trail Coming to Consoles

Yarrow Games and Versus Evil announced console versions of Tamarak Trail. The dice-building roguelike will hit consoles alongside the previously-revealed PC release this summer.

Broken Roads Highlights Its Pacifist Route

Versus Evil and Drop Bear Bytes provided a new trailer for Broken Roads ahead of its release later this year. The video shows that not all routes necessarily lead to combat.

Tamarak Trail Gets Gameplay Video

Versus Evil and Yarrow Games released a new gameplay walkthrough video for Tamarak Trail. The dice-building roguelike is set to release on Steam in the coming months.

The Hand of Merlin Review

Arthurian legends adaptations have to find a way to showcase something unique to stand out. The Hand of Merlin uses otherworldly sci-fi enemies, alien horror, and a killer soundtrack to provide an entertaining tactical roguelite.

The Hand of Merlin Launching in June on PC, Consoles

Room-C Games, Croteam, and Versus Evil announced that The Hand of Merlin will exit Early Access next month. The game’s full release will bring the turn-based roguelite to consoles as well as PC.