Tamarak Trails Introduces Its Playable Heroes

Yarrow Games and Versus Evil released new details for dice-building roguelike Tamarak Trail. The new blog post introduces the game’s three playable hero characters: Hale the Detective, Elysia the Magician, and Malcolm the Tracker. All three are members of a secret society named the Eye of the Sturgeon, who set out to uncover the mystery and source of the corruption plaguing the world.

Hale is one of the youngest members of the order, and joins after personal tragedy. His twin brother Cosmin previously set out on an expedition into the wilderness and did not return with the other members. Hale forms a search party but finds only harrowing mysteries, leading to an encounter with Malcolm, who takes him under his wing. Meanwhile, Elysia is a talented practitioner of magic. Her journey began when her parents were murdered by the sorcerer Zinfaren in their secluded village, leading to Elysia seeking justice and revenge. Finally, Malcolm is a legendary big game hunter who had to step up after his father was killed by a massive stag while on a hunt. He readily joins the order after they recruit him, having looked for a purpose in life following his mother’s later death.



Tamarak Trail features turn-based combat that makes use of customisable dice. Rolling dice determines the player’s potential actions each turn, which include direct attacks, damage over time, buffs, debuffs, and defence. As players progress, they can apply newly-gained abilities to individual sides of each die. Tamarak Trail is planned to release on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch later this year.


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