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Baroque Getting Japanese Switch Release

Sting’s Baroque is making a return. The upcoming Switch version of of the game is a port of the original first-person Sega Saturn release, rather than of the third-person remake western RPGamers may be familiar with.

Yggdra Union Heading to Switch in Japan

After launching on smartphones last year, Yggdra Union is now heading to Switch in Japan. The Switch version will include all of the features of the mobile version, plus some extra cheat options.

Gungnir Review

In the newest entry from Sting’s Department of Heaven series, a young man marked with Stigmata uses a divine spear to fight the intolerance of an evil empire. It’s not as allegorical as it sounds.

Yes, Stigmata is supposed to be capitalized.

Dokapon Journey Review

Most of us grew up playing both board games and RPGs. Is this handheld game featuring both elements better than putting together peanut butter and jelly, or is it just a sticky mess?