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Remnant II Shows Off the Ritualist

A new video for Remnant II’s first expansion details the Ritualist, a new Archetype that deals in death. Who knows where players will find it when it releases later this month.

Remnant II’s First DLC Announced

Gearbox Publishing and Gunfire Games revealed Remnant II’s first DLC. The Awakened King is the first of three planned DLC and will launch in a couple of weeks.

Remnant II Review

Gunfire Games returns to the world of Remnant with exactly the kind of sequel a fan of the first game would want. Now if only it could get storytelling up to the same quality.

Remnant II Gets Pre-Launch Trailers

Gearbox Publishing and Gunfire Games released two more videos ahead of Remnant II’s launch next week. A new archetype reveal dives into the Hunter, before an overview trailer gives a more general introduction to the action RPG.

Remnant II Trailer Shows the Dran

A new setting-focused trailer for action RPG Remnant II shows the Dran. The human-like people have been turned into a hive-mind prone to frenzy by the joining of their world with that of the Fae.

Remnant II Details the Handler

After its reveal last month, a new video has dropped to give more detail on the Handler. The Handler, and its furry friend, will be available when the game drops this summer.

Remnant II Gets Gunslinger Trailer

Gearbox Software and Gunfire Games released a new trailer for action RPG Remnant II. The video highlights the game’s Gunslinger character archetype.

Remnant II Announced

Load up and bring your friends, Remnant II has been announced. The game is set to come sometime next year.