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Dragon’s Dogma 360 Version Losing Servers

The Xbox 360 version of the Capcom title Dragon’s Dogma will be losing its online functionality at the end of the month. RPGamers looking to utilize the online features of that particular game will need to do so fast.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Review

The Arisen and his pawns have been off on an excursion to Bitterblack Isle. Take a look inside to see their report of a rather eventful trip and the interesting local fauna.

Dragon’s Dogma Review

Hark, what flame against starlit backdrop breaks? It is the dragon’s, and it burns for thee, for me, and for all other creatures under heaven’s firmament. For in sooth, is there aught in Gransys that does not fear fire?

Dragon’s Dogma Review

While E3 is providing information on games that will be playable in the future, one of our staff members has taken a look at a game that can be played now. Does Dragon’s Dogma have the draw necessary to steal RPGamers’ hearts?