The Surge 2

Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive’s 2017 limb-targeting action RPG gets a follow-up.

Focus Home Interactive
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New Trailer Previews The Surge 2’s Story

The deFrag nanovirus has turned Jericho City into a metropolis of crazed freaks ripe for dismemberment in The Surge 2. In all this madness, it’s good to have a guiding light leading you through the twisted streets, even if it is a little girl.

The Surge 2 Adds Yet Another Combat Trailer

Another combat-focused trailer is out for The Surge 2. This one focuses a bit more on the process of severing pieces of equipment from enemies and appropriating it for the player’s own use.

New Trailer for The Surge 2 Gives Tour of Jericho City

Welcome to Jericho City, where all your dreams will come true. Provided, that is, your dreams are actually horrifying nightmares of crazed monstrosities of flesh fused with cold metal, screaming in agony as they are dismembered limb from limb.

The Surge 2 Receives E3 Trailer

What’s better than targeting your opponent’s body parts for optimum dismemberment? Separating your blunt weapon into two equally lethal pieces to dual-wield while doing it.

New Trailer Proves The Surge 2 is No Walk in the Park

The Surge 2 takes the limb-targeting mechanics from its predecessor, moves them out of the industrial halls and into a sprawling cityscape, and dials up the combat’s freneticism. A new trailer has arrived to show it all in action.

The Surge 2 E3 Impression

It’s only been a year since we helped Warren make his way safely – well, safely for HIM – through CREO’s assembly facilities. However, developer Deck13 invited us to talk sequel at this year’s E3, and it won’t even cost you an arm and a leg to hear all the latest.

The Surge 2 Announced

Deck13’s The Surge is getting a follow-up to the near-future action RPG released last year. Focus Home Interactive will once again be partnering with the developer, with more details on The Surge 2 expected soon.