The Surge 2 Receives E3 Trailer

Deck13 Interactive and Focus Home Interactive have released an official E3 trailer for their upcoming action RPG sequel The Surge 2. The cinematic trailer focuses on various aspects of the game’s combat, pitting the protagonist and his drone sidekick against a group of three armed and augmented human opponents. Using the drone to lay down suppressing fire in order to get up close and personal with a heavy melee weapon, the protagonist reveals the trick he has up his sleeve. While closing in on the distracted enemy, his weapon slots apart into two separate armaments, giving him the option of dual-wielding a deadly combination of weapons to finish off his foe. The trailer ends with a reminder that not all of The Surge 2‘s foes are of the human variety, as a massive mechanical adversary scales a nearby rooftop before jumping into the fray.

The Surge 2‘s trailer carries with it some implications pointing toward faith and belief playing a larger role in the story this time around, as well as a mysterious pig-tailed girl who makes several appearances during the two-minute video. The Surge 2 is slated for a September 24, 2019, release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and will offer several bonuses to those who pre-order the game.



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