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Atlas Fallen Gets Pre-Release Trailer

Focus Entertainment and Deck13’s Atlas Fallen received a new trailer ahead of its release next week. The Lord of the Sands trailer starts dramatically, before somewhat changing tack.

Chained Echoes Update Adds New Game+

A new update is out now on Steam for turn-based RPG Chained Echoes. The update adds a New Game+ mode and will be available on consoles very soon.

Atlas Fallen Delayed to August

Focus Entertainment and Deck13 has pushed back the release date for Atlas Fallen. The action RPG will now release in August.

Atlas Fallen Releasing in May

Focus Entertainment and Deck13 Interactive’s Atlas Fallen is releasing in a couple of months. The action RPG sees players hunting down legendary monsters solo or with a friend.

Chained Echoes Review

Chained Echoes is proof positive that all-round excellence is achievable regardless of budget. It’s a game that can be savored by modern players and those pining for the glory days of 16-bit JRPGs alike.

Chained Echoes Launching in December

Following after our recent interview about the game, Deck13 and Matthias Linda announced a release date for Chained Echoes. The game will launch digitally in early December, with physical editions set to release in summer 2023.

Chained Echoes Interview

Chained Echoes is an upcoming JRPG-inspired game described to be a combination of a fantasy world with mechs, magic, and airships. RPGamer was able to talk to developer Matthias Linda about what awaits players in the game.

Holomento Finds Lost City Update

Holomento received a major Early Access update. The Lost City update includes a reworked desert area, complete with a new dungeon and boss fight.

Action RPG Atlas Fallen Announced

Focus Entertainment and Deck13 Interactive unveiled Atlas Fallen. The action RPG has players hunting down legendary monsters in a timeless, sand-filled land.

Drova – Forsaken Kin Re-Opens Its Arena

A playable teaser is available for upcoming pixel art action RPG Drova – Forsaken Kin. Players have the chance to earn cash prizes or become a NPC in the final game.

Holomento Now on Early Access

Permadeath action RPG Holomento is now on Steam Early Access and GOG.com Games in Development. The game is expected to spend a year in Early Access while receiving monthly updates.

Holomento Heading to Early Access Next Month

Holomento is coming to Steam Early Access and GOG.com Games in Development in April. Deck13 and Sean Weech’s permadeath action RPG tasks players with rebuilding the kingdom of Eventide Hollow.