Drova: Forsaken Kin Public Playtest Announced

Developer Just2D and publisher Deck13 Spotlight have announced a public PC playtest for the action RPG Drova: Forsaken Kinwhich will begin in April. Players can sign up now for the playtest via Steam. The game will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam, with a planned release for 2024.

Drova: Forsaken Kin is inspired by Celtic mythology and takes place in a world where society has rediscovered the power to capture the spirits that govern nature and rule over them instead. The anger of the remaining spirits causes them to split into two factions, each with its own set of values and goals. How the rest of the story plays out will depend on which faction the player chooses to join. Players will start with nothing as they explore an open world, fulfilling tasks, gathering and crafting equipment, studying the environment, and uncovering mysteries to grow stronger.



Naeem Ali

I have been gaming since I received the Sega Master System as a young child, which was the first console I ever owned (Yes, I am that old). The game that got me into RPGs was Final Fantasy VIII, a game that I still adore to this day. My favorite RPG of all time, however, is Shadow Hearts on the PS2. I do have many other interests outside of gaming as well, such as watching old-school wrestling, Reading books, 80s movies.... or anything 80s related as a matter of fact.

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