New Trailer Previews The Surge 2’s Story

Focus Home Interactive has released a new trailer for Deck13’s upcoming action RPG, The Surge 2. Focusing on providing a bit of context for the game’s story elements, the minute-long video includes snippets of the launch of the Utopia rocket that blanketed Jericho City with the deFrag nanovirus. As the game’s new protagonist, it is up to players to navigate both the streets of Jericho City as well as the factions vying for its control — Nano-cultists and government forces — in order to uncover the truth behind the virus and the mysterious Athena, a girl who beckons the player through the city’s streets for reasons yet unknown.

The Surge 2 is the sequel to 2017’s The Surge, and features the same limb-dismemberment combat system that its predecessor did, albeit with more combat and loadout options than before. It will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in just a few weeks on September 24, 2019.



Pascal Tekaia

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