Final Fantasy XV

Originally announced in 2006 as Final Fantasy XIII Versus, had a very troubled development but became Final Fantasy XV in 2012 when director Tetsuya Nomura was replaced by Hajime Tabata and finally released in 2016 with extra content added throughout 2017 and 2018.

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Final Fantasy XV Review

How do the adventures of Noctis and his friends hold up? It’s full of surprises, for better or worse. It is, however, a road trip worth taking.

Game Content

RPG Elements: Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future

RPG Elements, the corner of RPGamer where we take a look at select merchandise related to the RPGs we cover, returns with a new entry. In this edition we take a look at Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future, a novel replacement for the game’s cancelled second wave of DLC.

Stadia Adds Final Fantasy XV to Launch Titles

Google is busting out the big guns for Stadia’s release. Final Fantasy XV is joining the robust lineup of games such as Destiny 2 and Borderlands 3 for the new streaming service.

Plenty of RPGs Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft is expanding the titles available through Xbox Game Pass. The games coming to the service in the next year include plenty of RPGs.

Several RPGs Coming to Google Stadia

Google held a presentation for its upcoming Stadia streaming service. Included among the other details were the reveals of numerous RPGs that will be available on it.

Many Things Launch with Trailers

This week is an incredibly busy one for new releases, so, for our own sanity more than anything else, we have collected today’s flood of launch trailers into this single article. Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn, Grimshade, Trails of Cold Steel, Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists, Outward, Path of Exile, The Princess Guide, and Seven: Enhanced Edition are all out now.

Final Fantasy XV, Terra Wars Crossover Announced

Terra Battle 2 may have shut down this month, but Mistwalker is still working on the Terra Wars spin-off. Offering a reminder of the upcoming title, its protagonist has crossed over into Final Fantasy XV.

More Episodes Revealed for Final Fantasy XV

We already knew that Square Enix was far from finished with Final Fantasy XV, and now have some more details. Four new episodes will arrive in the first half of 2019.