Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Ardyn Receives Prologue, Release Date

Square Enix has released the prologue animation for Episode Ardyn, the final piece of DLC for Final Fantasy XV. The 15-minute animation, viewable below, takes place 2,000 years before the events of both the game and the DLC. Square Enix also provided a release date of March 26, 2019, for Epsiode Ardyn on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, as well as details and screenshots on the story and new gameplay features.

Please note that the following details and media contain major spoilers for Final Fantasy XV.

Episode Ardyn begins 35 years before Final Fantasy XV itself. The story follows Ardyn Lucis Caelum after he is released from his imprisonment by Empire of Niflheim researcher Verstael Besithia. After heading to a research facility, Ardyn discovers information that leads to decide to take revenge on Lucis, and he infiltrates its capital city of Insomnia.

Players will control Ardyn and have access to new abilities at his disposal. Ardyn is able to shadow move between points at high speed, letting him leap between rooftops in Insomnia. He is also able to transform enemies into daemons, which renders them powerless. To do this, players need to unleash a five-hit combo on a specific enemy, which enables a one-hit KO follow-up. Players can also unleash the one-hit KO attack by landing a sequence of attacks following a back-attack.

In other Final Fantasy XV news, Square Enix has announced a new novel titled Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future. The book shares the name with the full set of DLC initially planned for release in 2019 but cancelled in November 2018. There were scheduled to be four parts of DLC, but only Episode Ardyn will be released. The book is set to be released in Japan in April 2019, with Square Enix stating that an international release is planned.


Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn Screenshots


Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn Prologue


Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn Prologue Creator Q&A

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