Many Things Launch with Trailers

The final week in March has always been busier than most for new releases and 2019 is no exception. Many new RPG releases have come today, each of them with launch trailers, which have been collected into this single article.

The launch trailers for all of the following releases can be found below, which are all available now for the indicated platforms in North America and Europe unless otherwise specified:

Path of Exile‘s PlayStation 4 version is also out today, but does not have a launch trailer at the time of writing.










Alex Fuller

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  1. Mateja Mateja says:

    obvi SE intends to release ffvii remake on all platforms why else would they port this version everywhere :)? these game console companies should probably get on their next gen system b4 google disrupts the industry with streaming games on Stadia or Yeti or whatever that will be called. they’ll either have to stream too, add some hardware gimmicks (which is always annoying for the emulation scene), or amp up the quality / collection of new AAA titles

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