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NIS America Announces New Titles

NIS America held its Showcase 2019 today, highlighting many upcoming releases for the next year. The presentation included some new announcements, including a 2020 PlayStation Vita release.

Trails of Cold Steel Gets March PS4 Date

XSEED Games has announced the PlayStation 4 date for Trails of Cold Steel. The first game in the Legend of Heroes’ subseries will arrive on the console in late March.

Trails of Cold Steel III Coming West This Fall

A western release for Nihon Falcom’s Trails of Cold Steel III has finally been confirmed. NIS America will be releasing the penultimate part of the subseries this fall.

Trails of Cold Steel I & II PS4 Versions Coming West

The PlayStation 4 “Kai” versions of the first two Trails of Cold Steel games are coming west. The two games are both coming early next year, and will perhaps make the hopeful wait for the third and fourth games a little easier.

Trails of Cold Steel IV Shows Side Quests, Mini-Games

Nihon Falcom has revealed some details and screenshots on some of the side content in Trails of Cold Steel IV. In addition to the usual side quests, there is a casino, Tetris-style and ghost-shooting mini-games, and a new deck-based card game.

Another Trio Returns for Trails of Cold Steel IV

Three more characters from previous Trails games are confirmed for Trails of Cold Steel IV. Once again, we will not be spoiling who they are in the text, but those wishing to find out their identifies can check out the new screenshots featuring them.

Trails of Cold Steel II Now Available on PC

The Trails of Cold Steel have once again wound up back in the halls of Windows. Like its predecessor, those who waited for this version are on the receiving end of some bonus features.