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Many Things Launch with Trailers

This week is an incredibly busy one for new releases, so, for our own sanity more than anything else, we have collected today’s flood of launch trailers into this single article. Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn, Grimshade, Trails of Cold Steel, Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists, Outward, Path of Exile, The Princess Guide, and Seven: Enhanced Edition are all out now.

Sony Preparing a PlayStation Classic

Sony is putting its hat into the mini retro-console game with the newly announced PlayStation Classic. Memory cards are not included, but fortunately are also not needed.

Final Fantasy VII Retroview

We’re taking a trip back in time and need to pack. Spiky hair? Check. Giant sword? Check. Great localization? Oops, I knew something was missing.

Final Fantasy VII Retroview

In 1997, the movie theaters of the world were gripped once again by the Star Wars trilogy being re-released, Seinfeld entered its final season, the Spice Girls had numerous hits, and the RPG world was gripped by a certain unstoppable dynamo of a game. How well the other items in the entertainment field have aged is a matter of opinion, just as Final Fantasy VII’s effect may not have lessened with the passage of time — to some.