Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition’s Mod Organizer Released

Square Enix has made available its free Mod Organizer tool for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. The tool is available to download through its dedicated website or Steam’s tools workshop.

The Mod Organizer lets players convert various assets into mod data and add them into the game, though it does not include functionality to create and edit 3D models. These can be created with other software before being imported to the Mod Organizer in FBX format, though the tool comes with a selection of pre-packaged 3D models. Those using the Mod Organizer can use it to change the appearance, outfits, and costumes of many in the game including the party members, supporting cast members such as Ardyn and Aranea, and various other NPCs.

Players can also use the tool to mod weapons, creating new ones and setting their parameters. However, to maintain some semblance of balance, players have a limited pool of a hundred points to divide across the weapon’s parameters such as attack, max HP, and elemental resistance.

Final Fantasy XV was originally released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November 2016. In addition to Comrades, three story-based expansions have been released, focusing on party members Ignis, Prompto, and Gladiolus in turn. The game was also released for PC with further additional content and features in March 2018 — with these available for console as part of the Royal EditionFour additional episodes of content are already confirmed for release in 2019. An iOS and Android version of the game, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, has also been released, splitting the game’s story across ten episodes.



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