Wasteland 3’s Cult of the Holy Detonation Arrives

Prime Matter and inXile Entertainment have released the second and final expansion for Wasteland 3. Cult of the Holy Detonation is available now on PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One alongside the Wasteland 3 Colorado Collection, which includes Wasteland 3 and both The Battle of Steeltown and Cult of the Holy Detonation expansions.

Cult of the Holy Detonation takes players deep into the Cheyenne Mountain military complex where competing mutant cults worship a nuclear explosion held in stasis, which, if unleashed, could power Colorado Springs for many years or level it. The expansion includes new characters, enemies, combat challenges, and new weapons and armour.

Wasteland 3 is the sequel to 2014’s Wasteland 2. The game follows a squad of Desert Rangers seeking the aid of the Patriarch of Colorado due to the dire situation in their home state of Arizona. The game released for PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2020.



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  1. Gabr1elKK Gabr1elKK says:

    I’ve played Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut and what an amazing game. After finishing Divinity Original Sin II, Wasteland 3 is probably my next game

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