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Mato Anomalies’ First DLC Out Now

Mato Anomlies’ Digital Shadows DLC is now available on PC and consoles. It takes place between chapters 6 and 7 of the main game and includes new dungeons as well as a new playable character.

The Last Oricru Review

The Last Oricru is a well-written choice-based action RPG blending sci-fi and medieval fantasy. Unfortunately, unpolished combat and glaring technical issues make this one experiment worth avoiding.

Mato Anomalies to Launch in March

Prime Matter and Arrowiz’s Mato Anomalies has a release date. The futuristic dystopian RPG will be coming to PC and consoles both physically and digitally in March.

The Last Oricru Arriving in October

Prime Matter and GoldKnights revealed an October release date for action RPG The Last Oricru. In addition, voice actor Brian Caspe and lead writer Mikuláš Bryan discuss the protagonist Silver and the situation he finds himself in.

Dolmen Releasing in May

Prime Matter and Massive Work Studio’s Dolmen has a release date. The cosmic horror sci-fi action RPG will hit PC and consoles in May.

The Last Oricru Gets New Videos, Limited-Time Demo

GoldKnights and Prime Matter released a trailer and a developer diary video for The Last Oricru. Those wishing to try out the game can currently do so this week with a limited-time demo.

Wasteland 3’s Cult of the Holy Detonation Arrives

Wasteland 3’s second and final expansion is available now. Cult of the Holy Detonation sends players to the Cheyenne Mountain military complex to investigate a nuclear explosion held in stasis.

Encased Released

Sci-fi tactical RPG Encased is out now on PC. The game takes players to an alternative 1976 and tasks them with exploring an alien construction called the Dome.