Eiyuden Chronicle Kickstarter Now Live

Developer Rabbit & Bear Studios has begun its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the upcoming Eiyuden Chronicle. The developer is founded by Suikoden series creator Yoshitaka Murayama and features veterans from Suikoden and other series including:

  • Yoshitaka Murayama (Suikoden I and II) — Scenario Writer/Director
  • Junko Kawano (Suikoden I and IV) — Lead Artist
  • Osamu Komuta (Suikoden Tactics and Suikoden Tierkreis) — Director
  • Junichi Murakami (Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, OZ) — Producer/Art Director
  • Motoi Sakuraba (Tales series) — Composer
  • Michiko Naruke (Wild Arms series) — Composer

Eiyuden Chronicle is set in the world of Allraan, with its history shaped by magical items called rune-lenses. The Galdean Empire has emerged as the dominant power thanks to finding a technology that amplifies the rune-lenses, and it is now looking for an artefact that will enhance its power further. The game will feature HD 2.5D graphics with sprite-based characters, 100 unique heroes to join the protagonist, and turn-based battles with six-member parties. More details about the game can be found in RPGamer’s announcement article and an interview with Rabbit & Bear Studios.

In addition to the campaign video, Rabbit & Bear Studios put out some footage showing town exploration and combat, as well as two videos containing planned music from the game, one track composed by Motoi Sakuraba and another from Procyon Studio’s Mariam Abounnasr. The Kickstarter campaign is looking for at least $500,000 in funding by August 28, 2020, with the game planned for launch in late 2022. Two stretch goals have been revealed at the time of writing: $750,000 to add the Fortress System and $1m to add console versions. Those who pledge at least ¥4000 (around $38) will receive a digital copy of the game as part of their backer rewards.







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