RPG Cast – Episode 725: “Not Every Idea in the Factory Is a Good One”

Ryan slip ‘n slides his health away. Robert lives on the side of danger and poor choices in video games. Meanwhile, Chris makes his own bathtub Geralt.

Question of the Week
Favorite RPG that was created based on an animé.

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4 Responses

  1. My favorite RPG based on an anime remains Sailor Moon: Another Story for the Super Famicom. It has been many years since I played it, back when I still played only a few RPGs. Maybe now I would find it generic, but I enjoyed it greatly and still think back on it fondly.

  2. Traceriii Traceriii says:

    I would love to say Inu Yasha, but that game was not very good.

  3. TheAnimeMan TheAnimeMan says:

    Well Tracer, at least it’s not the Shaman King game … that was even worse.

    The SNES Sailor Moon one is one of the better ones out there for sure.

    Although not TECHNICALLY based on anime, I do love me some Super Robot Wars for sure. All those different animes with varying degrees of plots being woven together just to beat each other … nothing is better.

    And although the Anime is based off the game how can I not mention OUR LORD AND SAVIOR NEPTUNE … ALL PRAISE BE TO NEP-NEP!

  4. Scar Scar says:

    Dragon Ball Z Kakarot did a good job capturing all the impactful moments of the anime. most of the SNES RPGs based off anime I have played are not that good. (And I’ve played a lot of them!)

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