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Nexomon 3 Announced

VEWO Interactive announced a new Nexomon monster-collecting RPG. The game doesn’t have a release window yet, but is available to wishlist on Steam.

Nexomon Physical Bundle Announced

PQube and Vewo Interactive’s Nexomon and Nexomon: Extinction are coming together in a physical bundle. The bundle will launch on PS4 and Switch later this year.

Nexomon: Extinction Review

A welcome follow-up to the 2015 mobile title, Nexomon: Extinction shows improvement in many aspects. Despite the title, the series is far from dying out!

Nexomon Review

At the turn of the century, monster-collecting RPGs were a dime a dozen. Nexomon harkens back to early 2000s games, but does so in a visually pleasing and fun manner.

Original Nexomon Heading to Consoles

Following the release of Nexomon: Extinction last year, PQube and Vewo Interactive are giving more players the chance to check out its predecessor. The original game will be coming to consoles soon.