Azur Lane: Crosswave’s Fleet Expands Further

Idea Factory International released its latest batch of screenshots for Azur Lane: Crosswave. The new images introduce six more characters appearing — three playable and three support — and bring some extra details on the modes available in the game.

The first of the playable characters is the Royal Navy’s Javelin. She is clever, but hides that behind a happy-go-lucky attitude and was secretly in charge of some demonstrations made in preparation for the Joint Military Exercise. The second character is Z23, a member of the Iron Blood. She is passionate about research and improving herself. The final playable character is St. Louis, a Light Cruiser from the Eagle Union. She is the elder sister of Helena and has a good bond with her despite seeming to have opposite characters.



For the support characters, Abukuma of the Sakura Empire acts calmer than she appears and her personality has attracted many fans. She is often found snacking on torpedo tempura made by her older sister Nagara. Amazon is an instructor for the Royal Navy. Her short nature leads many to assume she is younger than she is, and she is known for both giving and accepting apologies where warranted. Finally, the Eagle Union’s Arizona is quite sensitive and has been known to keep talking for too long, but shows great bravery in combat.

Azur Lane: Crosswave will feature multiple modes when it releases physically and digitally for PlayStation 4 and digitally for PC via Steam in February 2020. The Story Mode tells an original tale following two recruits in the Sakura Empire, Shimakaze and Suruga, as they participate in an event between the four superpowers called the Joint Military Exercise. An Extreme Battle Mode sees players assembling a fleet and then fighting through increasingly difficult stages. There is also a Photo Mode, as well as an Episode Mode where players can view hidden events for each of the characters by meeting certain requirements. The game will also feature a relationship system, where commanders can build up their relationships with the selected Secretary Ships that can eventually lead to a marriage event.


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