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Seven Pirates H Review

The fourth game in Compile Heart’s Genkai Tokki series sets sail on Nintendo Switch. Though a departure from the previous two games, it manages to hold its own despite numerous gameplay changes.

Maglam Lord PC Release Announced

D3 Publisher is releasing Felistella’s Maglam Lord on PC. The action RPG will be available internationally through Steam at the end of May.

Maglam Lord Review

Maglam Lord puts players in the role of a Demon Lord having to find their place in a new world. While the game’s story and cast are sufficiently entertaining, lacklustre gameplay brings down the experience.

Maglam Lord Gets New Japanese Trailer

Maglam Lord is preparing for its Japanese launch with a third trailer. The RPG is releasing next week in Japan and follows a demon lord who has recently lost all their powers.

Maglam Lord Receives Second Trailer

D3 Publisher has released the second trailer for the upcoming Maglam Lord. Japanese gamers will be able to accompany Killizzark on their adventure in a few months.

Maglam Lord Hits Japan in March

D3 Publisher and Felistella have announced Maglam Lord’s Japanese release date. The game will hit the country in March, with its opening movie now available to watch.

Azur Lane: Crosswave Switch Release Dated

Idea Factory International has announced the western release dates for Azur Lane: Crosswave’s Nintendo Switch version. Both regions will get the game in mid-February.

Maglam Lord Gets Debut Trailer

Maglam Lord is a tale about a former overpowered demon lord who goes to sleep and becomes an endangered species. The game is slated to release in Japan this winter.

D3 Publisher, Felistella Announce Maglam Lord

D3 Publisher and Felistella have announced action RPG Maglam Lord. Summon Night series writer Kei Miyakozuki is penning the game’s scenario, which follows a former demon lord as they look to forge powerful magic swords.