Criminal Girls X Images, Details Revealed

Mikage released new images and details for its upcoming take on Nippon Ichi’s Criminal Girls series, Criminal Girls X. The game follows an unnamed player character, who wakes up in purgatory after chasing after his love to save her from the eternal torture that awaits following an “unnatural” death. He is given the opportunity to have his wish granted, but only if he accomplishes the trial of redeeming 24 girls within a one-year span.

To accomplish this task, the protagonist is given the form of a cat and guides the 24 girls through battles against Oni while facing their past sins. The girls gather fragments of their memories as they do so, in the hope of being revived in the real world.

Progressing through Criminal Girls X is done from the main screen. The battle option sees players going through dungeons of purgatory with their selected party. Events will sometimes take place between floors, while enemies may drop items that can be used to create equipment. When players defeat each floor’s boss, they will earn memory fragments, which can be spent to unlock memories for each heroine.



Each floor of a dungeon must be cleared within a set time limit. Like previous titles in the series, combat is fully turn-based with actions available determined by the suggestions of the party members. The game has a shooting theme, though targeting is automatic; players will, however, need to occasionally reload.

Criminal Girls X will be released first for PC, iOS, and Android as a free-to-play title with microtransactions in Japan in spring 2020. A console version will be developed by Mikage once the smartphone version is released. In other news, Mikage revealed that is has signed with publisher Aksys Games on an upcoming title. The game is being developed for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC, and is currently planned for release in 2021. Further details are expected to be announced at Anime Expo in July 2020.



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