Mikage Announces Criminal Girls X

Mikage, a new developer founded by Imageepoch president Ryoei Mikage, has announced its first title, Criminal Girls X. The title is a tenth-anniversary project for Nippon Ichi’s dungeon-crawling RPG series.

The game’s premise sees the game’s main heroine, and financée of the protagonist, losing her life in a mysterious incident. After praying to be able to rescue, the protagonist discovers that her soul has descended into Asua, a realm on the edge of the hell. The protagonist then awakens in the form of a cat alongside 24 young women.

Criminal Girls X is being developed for PC and smartphones in Japan and will include VR compatibility. English releases are being explored, including a potential console version. Due to the agreement with Nippon Ichi Software being for Japan-only at this time, is not known if the game will retain the Criminal Girls name in any English release.


Source: Gematsu


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  1. Oh, so this is the returning Imageepoch-developed IP he was talking about. D: I was hoping it’d be Stella Glow…

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