SpellForce III: Soul Harvest Rounds Up the Dark Elves

THQ Nordic and Grimlore Games have released a new trailer for the upcoming SpellForce III: Soul Harvest. The trailer centers on one of the factions new to the expansion, the Dark Elves. Rather than focusing on individual strength, the Dark Elves operate best as a swarm, overwhelming enemies in pure numbers and resurrecting the corpses of the dead to become servants.

Soul Harvest is a standalone expansion for SpellForce III that adds two new factions, flying units, new skill trees for heroes, improved matchmaking, and new campaigns to play through. The expansion will release on the May 28, 2019, for the PC.



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  1. JCServant JCServant says:

    I need to check this game out. It must be doing something right to get this many expansions!

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