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Expeditions: Rome Launches with a Siege

The newest title in the historical Expeditions series is out now. THQ Nordic and Logic Artists marked the release with a couple of trailers.

Expeditions: Rome Review

Developer Logic Artists takes another step back into history with its latest title in the Expeditions series. Expeditions: Rome presents a thoroughly enjoyable role-playing experience in the late Roman Republic.

Expeditions: Rome Introduces Its Companions

THQ Nordic and Logic Artists released a new set of trailers for Expeditions: Rome. Five videos introduce the game’s companion characters, while a sixth highlights its Twitch streaming extension.

Expeditions: Rome Delves into Combat

With a demo now available for Expeditions: Rome, THQ Nordic and Logic Artists have given a quick overview of the game’s combat system. RPGamers can fully step into the role of Roman Legatus next month.

Expeditions: Rome Receives Demo

THQ Nordic and Logic Artists is providing RPGamers with a chance to check out Expeditions: Rome. The companies also announced an extensive Twitch streaming extension for the upcoming tactical RPG.

New Titan Quest Expansion Released

THQ Nordic unveiled a fourth expansion for Titan Quest. Eternal Embers is available now on PC and features inspiration from Asian mythology.

ELEX II Shows Off Its Factions

A new video shows off the factions of ELEX II. In addition to the more familiar ones, a new faction has also been added to give the player more options.

ELEX II Releasing in March

Action RPG sequel ELEX II will be releasing at the start of March. THQ Nordic and Piranha Bytes also revealed a Collector’s Edition for the game.

SpellForce III Console Versions Delayed

Console users are going to be waiting a while longer for SpellForce III to arrive. PC users will still be getting the update on schedule.

Jagged Alliance 3 Announced

THQ Nordic and Haemimont Games are reviving the Jagged Alliance strategy series. Jagged Alliance 3 will include multiple RPG elements as players command a mercenary force in the fictional country of Grand Chien.

ELEX II Receives Story Trailer

THQ Nordic released a story trailer for ELEX II. The game sees protagonist Jax returning to warn the populace of Magalan of a new threat.

SpellForce III Hitting Consoles in December

SpellForce III will be getting a console release exactly four years after its PC debut. Console players will be able to choose whether they want the just base game or to get its expansions as well.

ELEX II Announced

Piranha Bytes’ 2017 action RPG ELEX is getting a sequel. ELEX II will see Jax return on PC and consoles, though we don’t yet know when that will be.