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Remnant: From the Ashes Heading to Switch

THQ Nordic is bringing Remnant: From the Ashes to Switch. The Switch version of the game, which originally launched in 2019, doesn’t yet have a date, but will release physically and digitally.

The Valiant Launching Next Month

THQ Nordic and Kite Games’s The Valiant is set to launch on PC next month. The mixture between action, RTS, and RPG takes players to 13th century Europe and the Middle East.

SpellForce: Conquest of Eo Trailer Released

The SpellForce RPG and strategy hybrid series is returning for a conquest of Eo. A new trailer gives a quick introduction to the game and its tasking of players to become the greatest mage in history.

New Jagged Alliance 3 Trailer Released

A new trailer is out for THQ Nordic and Haemimont Games strategy RPG Jagged Alliance 3. The game sees players commanding mercenaries in the country of Grand Chien.

Gothic Remake Gets New Trailer

The remake of the first Gothic title received a new trailer. The video goes through its mining colony setting before coming across some large arachnids.

SpellForce: Conquest of Eo Announced

A new SpellForce title is in development. SpellForce: Conquest of Eo brings a magic focus and turn-based combat to the series as players control a wizard seeking to become the greatest mage in history.

Action RTS-RPG The Valiant Announced

The Valiant is a new title from THQ Nordic and Kite Games. The game is billed as a mixture between action, RTS, and RPG, and is coming to PC and consoles.

SpellForce III Goes on a Reforced Journey

SpellForce III takes a look at its Journey Mode, its free-form campaign that adds another way to play the game. Console players will also have access to this when the game launches in June.

Expeditions: Rome Gets Death or Glory

Rome wasn’t just about fighting in far off lands, there was plenty of it happening locally too. Expeditions: Rome’s new DLC adds the Gladiator class and some appropriate places to use it.

ELEX II Gets Explanation Trailer

THQ Nordic and Piranha Bytes’ ELEX II launches next week. RPGamers can get a look at what it’s all about with a new explanation trailer for the action RPG.

Expeditions: Rome Launches with a Siege

The newest title in the historical Expeditions series is out now. THQ Nordic and Logic Artists marked the release with a couple of trailers.