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SpellForce III Goes on a Reforced Journey

SpellForce III takes a look at its Journey Mode, its free-form campaign that adds another way to play the game. Console players will also have access to this when the game launches in June.

SpellForce III Console Versions Delayed

Console users are going to be waiting a while longer for SpellForce III to arrive. PC users will still be getting the update on schedule.

SpellForce III Hitting Consoles in December

SpellForce III will be getting a console release exactly four years after its PC debut. Console players will be able to choose whether they want the just base game or to get its expansions as well.

SpellForce III Adding Modding Tools

SpellForce III is a large game that is about to get even bigger. A new map editor has arrived for the game and future modding plans are ahead in its future.