SpellForce III: Fallen God, Versus Mode Out Now

Grimlore Games and THQ Nordic have released the newest expansion to SpellForce III, titled Fallen God. The standalone expansion, available on Steam for $24.99/£21.74/€24.99 with a ten percent launch discount, will run players about twenty hours and feature trolls as a new faction. Players will take control of Akrog, the leader of a nomadic tribe of trolls on the run from poachers and ravaged by a disease. Upon meeting a mysterious elf, they are offered a chance for salvation. In exchange, they must resurrect a fallen god. The story can be played solo or cooperatively with up to three players.

Also available now is SpellForce III: Versus, a free multiplayer game set in the world of Eo. Players will be able to compete in ranked head-to-head matches or in skirmishes against the AI. A single-player scenario will also be included to give players a sample of the campaign modes of SpellForce III. The free version will come with the Human, Orc, and Elf factions and players will be randomly assigned one at the beginning of the match. Those who own the full copies SpellForce III, Soul Harvest, or Fallen God will gain access to the factions present in that title. For those who only want access to the factions in Versus, a PvP upgrade pack is available for $14.99/£12.99/€14.99.


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