Sunless Skies Goes Wayfaring

Failbetter Games has released the first big content update for Sunless Skies. The update, titled “Wayfarer”, aims to address many of the complaints brought forth by players, including balance patches, new story chapters, and a revamped game world.

The first major change is to Albion, the game’s second area, which has been decreased in size to make it quicker to travel around. Along with this, the variety of potential encounters in the area has been increased. The Gods of the Sky have also been added to the game, randomly giving the player new quests that can either anger or displease the gods. Officer Secondment is now available, letting players leave behind their ship officers at ports to establish new connections and gather knowledge in the selected city.

Other additions include interactions with certain Spectacles, allowing new story opportunities. Players’ ships can now be hit critically, also triggering new story beats. The balancing of Terror levels has also been changed. Players now accumulate Terror at a faster rate and removing it at towns is slower than before. The number of Crew available at each port has also been reduced. For more details about the full changes of the patch, read here.

Having exited Early Access earlier this year, Sunless Skies is an adventure RPG where players captain a space ship through the unforgiving world of London. The game is currently available on PC and Mac.

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