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Sunless Skies Gets Honking New Updates

The second most requested feature for Sunless Skies since its launch has been added to the game. Interplanetary explorers can now sound the horn, with Failbetter Games also announcing another major update coming in September.

Sunless Skies Goes Wayfaring

A new content patch for Sunless Skies adds plenty of more exploration but also a few new wrinkles to rest of the game. Time to ready the crew.

Sunless Skies Readies for Launch

The horrors of the Zee are nothing compared to the horrors of space. The Fallen London universe prepares to head to the final frontier with a new trailer.

Sunless Skies Expand

It’s difficult to imagine Sunless Skies actually becoming darker but here we are. Bravery will be required to explore the Eleutheria.

Sunless Skies Narrows Toward a Release

After its recent delay, Sunless Skies is implementing its largest addition yet. Next month, players can expect to find a much larger galaxy to explore.

Sunless Skies Delayed

The Sunless horizon feels slightly further away as Failbetter Games announces some development woes. The game will still release, just later than anticipated.