Kickstarter Check-In: The Waylanders

Developer Gato Salvaje Studio has begun a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its fantasy RPG The Waylanders. A party-based RPG drawing inspiration from Dragon Age: Origins, Neverwinter Nights 2, and Baldur’s Gate, The Waylanders looks to combine a setting based on Medieval and Celtic elements with real-time-with-pause combat akin to classic cRPGs. Mike Laidlaw (formerly of BioWare) is collaborating on the game as Narrative and Creative Consultant.

Players control a party of five adventurers, choosing from four races, six base classes, and thirty advanced classes, with over 800 skills and twelve different formations at their disposal. The party travels in time between two different eras, with the maps featuring the same land layout but vastly different locations and settlements as different civilisations come to the fore in each era.

Gato Salvaje Studio is looking for $150,000 in funding by November 16, 2018. Those who pledge at least $25 will receive a digital copy of the game as part of their backer rewards. The Waylanders is currently being developed for PC, with a planned release window of Q1 2020.



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  1. dubzdee dubzdee says:

    Not a big fan of RTwP (I much prefer turn-based combat) though it doesn’t sound bad otherwise. However, I’m more than a bit leery of this one considering the developer’s track record.

    Gato Studio previously Kickstarted a point & click adventure game “AR-K” over 5 years ago… They just announced that the final 4th episode of AR-K will supposedly be released in February 2019 (as well as sending physical copies). This announcement came after absolutely no KS updates for 3 years.

    Assuming they actually release part 4 in February they will several years beyond the estimated release date (which wouldn’t necessarily be a big problem if the game was any good), but Steam reviewers certainly didn’t praise the game…

    They have also never released a DRM-free copy of AR-K which was promised to backers, though they claim it will come once the final part is released.

    Their only other released game is Bullshot which seems to be a Contra-like shooter, which also has lackluster reviews. The studio hasn’t done anything to indicate they’re capable of creating a decent game of any genre, let alone a CRPG spiritual successor of DA:O, BG2, etc.

    Anyway, I decided to back Realms Beyond: Ashes of the Fallen which looks more like my cup of tea (old school turn-based CRPG based on 3.5e D&D rules).

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