The Waylanders

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Gato Salvaje Studio
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The Waylanders Update Roadmap Shared

Developer Gato Salvaje Studio revealed its update plans for The Waylanders. The updates will address the game’s lingering issues following its launch last month.

The Waylanders Teases Long-Lived Characters

Gato Salvaje Studio provided a teaser for the Medieval Era of time-travelling RPG The Waylanders. The teaser shows two characters from the game’s Celtic Era who are still alive many years later.

The Waylanders Gives First Look at Medieval Era

After spending time showcasing the Celtic Era, Gato Salvaje Studio has finally shown some of The Waylanders’ Medieval Era. The game, currently in Early Access, is set to fully launch next year.

The Waylanders Arrives on Early Access June 16

Gato Salvaje Studio’s The Waylanders will be hitting Steam Early Access very soon. The initial version will include roughly a quarter of the game’s content, with a full release expected later this year or early next year.

The Waylanders Introduces Animal Companions

Those playing a Ranger in The Waylanders will have a dozen animal companions available to them. If anyone is having trouble choosing, might we suggest a rabbit with a vicious streak a mile wide?

The Waylanders Character Creation Shown

Gato Salvaje Studio released a new video showing The Waylanders’ character creation system. Players will be able to choose from six classes and four races along with various other options.

The Waylanders Voice Cast Announced

Gato Salvaje Studio has revealed a selection of the voice cast for upcoming Celtic-inspired RPG The Waylanders. Players will be able to hear them in action when the game hits Early Access this summer.

The Waylanders’ Roster Introduced

Gato Salvaje Studio has introduced the nine potential party members in its upcoming title The Waylanders. The game is expected to hit Steam Early Access this summer.

Kickstarter Check-In: The Waylanders

RPGamer’s ad hoc Kickstarter Check-In feature returns for a look at another ongoing crowdfunding campaign. This edition features Gato Salvaje Studio’s The Waylanders.