The Waylanders Shows Some Celtic Locations

Gato Salvaje Studio provided information and images for its upcoming Celtic-inspired time-traveling RPG The Waylanders. In addition to some new gameplay screenshots, the developer also provided images and footage showing a number of the locations in the game’s Celtic time period.

The capital city of the land of Kaltia is called Brigantia and is home to King Ith’s court. It is a trading hub defended by a hill fort and has a diverse populace. Meanwhile, Dumbriga is a smaller city south of Brigantia. Dumbriga hosts the University where Druids gather to study. Nearby is a mountain known as the Olympus of the Celts. Underneath Kaltia is a network of cities called the Mourian Underworld, while other notable locations include a werewolf camp, a necropolis called Dunnios, the goblin seaside town of Aunes, and the Mourian’s only overworld town of Medhu’s Peak.

The Waylanders sees players joining up with nine party members who travel with them as they switch between Celtic and medieval time periods.. The game is being developed for PC and is set to be released on Steam Early Access in summer 2020, having underwent a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in late 2018.




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