The Waylanders Delayed, Advanced Classes Revealed

Gato Salvaje Studio announced that it has delayed the full release of The Waylanders. The game, currently on Steam Early Access and Games in Development, will now fully release for PC on February 2, 2022.

The developer also unveiled the advanced character classes available in game. Each of the six base classes has three advanced classes that players can choose from when they are able to reach the game’s Medieval period and their characters reach level 9. The list of classes is as follows:

  • Warrior Base Class
    • Berserker — Can damage grappled enemies, inflict fear, and use Fury generated by abilities to power devastating blows.
    • Gladiator — Gains a variety of sweeping and targeted attacks as well as multiple dodge-focused abilities.
    • Mana Warlord — Gains powerful physical attacks as well as earth magic that can encase enemies in stone.
  • Guardian Base Class
    • Vanguard — Gains bonuses to damage protection as well as abilities that stun attackers and knock enemies to the ground.
    • Blacksmith — Can use explosive attacks to damage and debuff enemies.
    • Chieftain — A frontline class that provides buffs to the party while dealing damage.
  • Rogue Base Class
    • Brawler — Specialises in fight dirty, gaining bonuses to enemies with negative status effects.
    • Assassin — An agile attackers that inflicts bleeding strikes and immobilising attacks.
    • Storm Druid — Uses wind magic to attack groups of enemies as well as trapping enemies in thorns and turning them into rabbits.
  • Ranger Base Class
    • Hunter — A bow master with powerful critical strikes that can tame both the dog and bear pets.
    • Saboteur — A trap-based fighter that uses invisibility and fear, and can have the magpie and crow pets.
    • Draconic Master — A combination of shapeshifter and spellcaster that has access to the dragon and drake pets.
  • Sorcerer Base Class
    • Frost Druid — An ice-based sorcerer that uses magic to deal damage over time and place traps.
    • Pyromancer — A fire-based sorcerer with access to fire walls, explosive runes, and waves of fire.
    • Necromancer — Conjures monstrosities and specters while using life-draining and weakening magic.
  • Healer Base Class
    • Blood Shaman — Steals life from enemies to energize companions, summon allies, and transform foes.
    • Jester — A chance-based healer that uses their abilities to sew confusion and buff allies.
    • Tidal Druid — Provides both offensive and healing spells that last an extended amount of time.

In addition, party members can gain access to their own unique classes. Rea can become a Packleader, giving her extra strengthen and reflexes. Traste can become a Bogeyman, able to call on more friends and use more items from his bag of tricks. Delba can become the Fomorian Matriarch and put even more power into her attacks.

The Waylanders sees players travelling with up to nine party members as they switch between Celtic and medieval time periods. A new trailer, viewable below, focuses on the game’s medieval period.



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