New Atelier Resleriana Details, Media Released

Koei Tecmo and Akatsuki Games released more details for the upcoming PC and mobile title Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy & the Liberator of Polar Night. The new details came through a new official broadcast presentation regarding the game, as well as a new trailer, screenshots, and official website update.

Atelier Resleriana is set in the kingdom of Lantana, which prospered through alchemy, but its use has died out and been forgotten. The game’s first protagonist was previously revealed as Resna, a fledgling alchemist who dreams of reviving it in the world, with the new update revealing a second main protagonist, Valeria. She is an experienced fighter but is suffering from amnesia and seeking information about her past. Other new original characters revealed are Heidi, Valeria’s mercenary partner; Flocke, a storekeeper who lives with Valeria and Heidi; and Lanze, a former sailor who is often drunk and worries about Flocke.



In addition to its original characters, Atelier Relseriana will also feature appearances from numerous other characters across the series, including many main heroines. Past characters confirmed to be appearing are: Ryza, Firis, Monika, Shallistera, Escha, Logy, Ayesha, Marion, Keithgriff, Totori, Rorona, Iksel, Esty, Raze, Vayne, and Judie.

The new details cover many of its gameplay elements. Atelier Resleriana will feature the traditional pillars of gathering material, synthesising items, and participating in combat. It promises that players will able to continue the main story without any stamina requirements common in mobile titles. Each story character will see players advance through dungeons while collecting materials, with a boss at the end. If the boss is cleared, players can unlock a higher difficulty that grants better rewards. Players can also obtain rewards from score battles.



Synthesis lets players use mana with multiple alchemists able to participate, and is said to a straightforward control system. Mana required for synthesis will restore over time. In addition to dungeons, players can also purchase ingredients from shops, with new recipes able to be obtained in multiple ways, including levelling up or advancing stories. Players can also spend time wandering around the local city and talk to characters.

The game’s combat is timeline based. The game’s strategy revolves around utilising skills, items, and the different effects that are granted to certain slots in the timeline. Each character can have three different skills equipped. Characters can be upgraded through a special growth board, equipping illustration cards showing memorable moments from or “what if?” scenes for the series, or undertaking training quests.

Atelier Resleriana is being written by novelist and manga/anime writer Takahiro (Akame ga Kill!) and being overseen by Atelier series supervisor Shinichi Yoshiike, with its development featuring contributions from Gust, Team Ninja, and Akatsuki Games. The game is planned to release in Japan later this year on PC, iOS, and Android.


Source: Gematsu



Second Japanese trailer


Official Broadcast (Japanese only)


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