The Waylanders’ Roster Introduced

Developer Gato Salvaje Studio provided a new update on its upcoming Celtic-inspired time-traveling RPG The Waylanders. The new information introduces the game’s nine party members who travel with the player character as they switch between Celtic and medieval time periods.

The first character is Amergin, Master Druid of King Ith’s court. He is bright and gifted at magic, known for his charm and wit. Distantly related to the king, he has little knowledge of the world outside and is often close-minded to differing ways of life. Second is Berath, an often-blunt immortal professor. Berath is passionate about crafting and cooking, with his combat prowess being using the bow. Unlike the other members of the Mourian race, who usually enjoy drama, Berath chooses to enjoy the smaller moments of light as he battles a depression that has lasted generations. Meanwhile, Delba is the youngest daughter of the Fomorian king, a race of much larger people than the rest of the world and living under the surface. Her mother disappeared on the surface and Delba has been obsessed with exploring the world above ground since. She is generally optimistic and amiable, working hard to ensure the Fomorians can return to the surface.

Herakliosis is a Greek mercenary in his early twenties obsessed with glory. This results in him ensuring every fight is as fair as possible and often intervening in situations where he isn’t wanted. He is always willing to share his encyclopedic knowledge of Greek legends and myths, though often feels undeserving of praise. Khaldun is the eldest daughter of a noble family from the kingdom of Kush. She was sent to Egypt to study and is an omniglot with great knowledge of the Nubian and Egyptian pantheons, using necromantic powers she learnt in Egypt. She was sent to Brigantia (an ancient region that covers northern England) five years ago, but maintains her old clothing styles. Mal is a rogue in her mid-thirties with a love of violence. She has made this into a career killing monsters. She has a golden eye, with the story being that her Mourian husband saved her life by pouring magic-imbued gold into her eye socket. This has given her the ability to witness how a creature died by placing its eye into that socket.

Leading the last trio, Rea is a member of a werewolf clan that has been getting more lupine with each generation. Rea herself is the first member without the ability to speak, but she is still highly intelligent and empathetic. Her lack of ability to communicate her thoughts can lead to her lashing out. Brigg, at nearly fifty years old, is the oldest non-immortal party member. A former commander in King Ith’s army, she supports her successor and protegeé Tiana as an advisor. Brigg is generally quite private and doesn’t engage in many deep conversations. Finally, Trasté is a goblin from the coastal city of Aunes. The goblins don’t really care about time, so their age is unknown, with the species are known for their pranks and not caring for the problems of people. Trasté is different in that respect and wishes they were a human rather than a goblin.

The Waylanders is being developed for PC and is set to be released on Steam Early Access in summer 2020. The game underwent a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in late 2018.



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