God Eater 3 Introduces Zeke Pennywort, Barbarius

Bandai Namco has provided a new update for the upcoming action RPG God Eater 3. The new details and screenshots introduce a new character — Zack Pennywort — as well as introducing a new type of Aragami — Barbarius — and showcasing some returning enemies from previous titles. There is also information on a couple of new skill options for players.

Like the player character, Zack Pennywort is one of the new Adaptive God Eaters, who are closer to the Aragami than their previous counterparts. He has two brothers, however, one of them has become separated so Zack only lives with his youngest brother. It is unclear whether Hugo Pennywort is that brother, as the Pennywort name appears to be taken from the port where they live rather than familial ties.

Meanwhile, Barbarius is a new type of Aragami. It has glaring eyes, is covered in a silvery armour, and wears a tusked helmet. It also has a drill on its left hand, which it uses to dive into the ground and surprise enemies from their flanks, and can use the drill to create ice blocks. Joining Barbarius in the game are four returning types of Aragami, in order of their appearance in the screenshots: Hannibal, Marduk, Sariel, and Vajra.

God Eater 3 also adds two new features — Burst Plugins and Installing Skills. Burst Plugins allow players to alter their God Arc weapon’s Burst ability. They can enhance the melee, gun, or shield part of the God Arc with examples of enhancements including preserving stamina consumption, making melee attacks stronger, or reducing damage during burst mode. Meanwhile, Installing Skills enhances the performance of a God Arc. This is done by using abandoned God Arc items collected as rewards during missions.

God Eater 3 is the third mainline title in the series, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting where beings called Aragami have overrun the world. Players control God Eaters, individuals with the power to wield God Arcs, the only weapons known to be able to defeat the Aragami.



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