Mary Skelter 2 Growth Systems Detailed

Compile Heart has released more details about its upcoming dungeon crawling RPG Mary Skelter 2. The information mostly concerns the game’s character growth systems, with some additional details provided about the remake of Mary Skelter: Nightmares that is included with the sequel.

Players have control other what skills their party members learn, with new skills learned and upgraded by spending CP gained when the characters level. Skills are available from across different jobs, so for example, players can give a Paladin more powerful attacks or give a Blood Witch healing magic. As well as these standard skills, the Blood Maiden party members can also acquire “Transfused Blood Skills”. These are acquired by injecting “Transfused Blood”. This is collected from dungeons, and must be appraised before it can be injected. If players wish to change how they have leveled a Blood Maiden, they can drop them back down to certain levels. Doing this grants bonus CP, which can then be used to boost stats or learn and upgrade more skills.

Mary Skelter 2 also features a corruption system — which sees the characters entering a berserker mode and potentially attacking allies — as well as a method to purge this corruption. Purging is done by rubbing the Blood Maiden’s body, with a successful purge both lifting the corruption and granting bonuses such as attributes boosts and an increased resistance to corruption.

As previously revealed, Mary Skelter 2 will come with a remade version of its predecessor, Mary Skelter: Nightmares, that features the upgraded gameplay systems of the sequel. Mary Skelter 2 is set up so that the first game will only become available once the second is completed, but a free piece of DLC will be available that unlocks the remake from the start.

Mary Skelter 2 follows a new main protagonist but sees some important cast members return. The game is being developed for PlayStation 4 and is set to be released on July 12, 2018, in Japan. No announcement has been made regarding a potential localisation.


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