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Corruption 2029 Gets Some Gameplay Footage

The Bearded Ladies has followed up its announcement of Corruption 2029 with some gameplay footage. The developer leads players through an early mission in the game in the half-hour video.

Mutant Year Zero Coming to Switch

Even when the apocalypse rolls around, the Switch will still be getting new games. Mutant Year Zero comes to the console alongside a just-announced expansion and physical version.

Mutant Year Zero Reveals Farrow

The crew of Mutant Year Zero have a new ally to show off, one who specializes in a quiet but deadly approach. Now the party has a duck, a warthog, and a fox.

Mutant Year Zero Shows Some Tactical Combat

With Mutant Year Zero a month away from release, Funcom has a new video for the game. Director Lee Varney takes viewers through some of the ways players will want to use their stealth to their advantage in combat.

Mutant Year Zero Developers Provide Overview

A new video for Mutant Year Zero looks to spark some extra interest in the game ahead of its release in December. Two of the developers from The Bearded Ladies gives some background into what it’s all about.

Mutant Year Zero Receives Developer Demo

With two months to go until its release, developer The Bearded Ladies has provided some gameplay footage for Mutant Year Zero. The twenty-minute demo follows the game’s protagonists as they journey across post-apocalyptic Sweden.