Pre-Release Footage of Miasma Chronicles Released

505 Games released a video showing gameplay of the upcoming Miasma Chronicles. The sixteen minutes of gameplay footage, from the opening section of the game, shows Elvis trying to break through the Miasma wall and scavenge resources, along with a tutorial battle against some frog like humanoids explaining the basics of combat. All content shown is alpha footage and subject to change.

Set in Kentucky, 140 years after the collapse of the Great Stability that came with the appearance of the Miasma, the game follows the duo of Elvis, a young boy with a mysterious glove, and Diggs, their robot companion. The game, developed by The Bearded Ladies, will be available in 2023 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It is a turn based tactical RPG and will offer four difficulty modes with two combat styles.



Benedikt Geierhofer

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