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Moon: Remix RPG Adventure Review

Moon: Remix Adventure RPG is now available in English on multiple platforms. The anti-RPG is not one for traditionalists, but features innovative gameplay with difficult puzzles to make it a pleasing twist.

Moon Released on PC, PS4

Onion Games has released Moon: Remix RPG Adventure on new platforms. RPGamers can now pick up the anti-RPG on PC and PS4.

Moon Releasing for PS4, PS5

Onion Games is bringing Moon: Remix RPG Adventure to more platforms. PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions will join the forthcoming PC version of the game, which released for Nintendo Switch last year.

Moon: Remix RPG Adventure Heading to Steam

Onion Games is bringing Moon: Remix RPG Adventure to Steam. There is current no date for the PC version of the oddball PlayStation RPG, which was revived with a Switch release last year.

Onion Games Working on New Sandbox RPG

Onion Games is working on a new RPG. Director and Game Designer Yoshiro Kimura revealed that it is a sandbox RPG, but that’s currently all we know.

Dandy Dungeon Released on Steam

Onion Games’ retro dungeon-crawling RPG Dandy Dungeon: Legend of Brave Yamada is now available for PC and Mac via Steam. The release comes with an adjustment to the game’s regular price on all of its other versions.

Classic RPG Moon Coming to Nintendo Switch

Moon is an oddball RPG that released for PlayStation in Japan but which never managed to release in the west. Onion Games has revealed that it will be releasing the game for Nintendo Switch, and that it will finally come to North America and Europe.

Middle-Age Man Searches for Love in Dandy Dungeon

Get Dandy with Yamada-kun, a middle-aged-man who stars in the roguelite, romantic, comedy RPG Dandy Dungeon. The Switch version will be available at a discounted price for pre-order until it releases in late July.