Middle-Age Man Searches for Love in Dandy Dungeon

Onion Games has released a trailer for Dandy Dungeon ~Legend of Brave Yamada~, an RPG that will be heading to the Nintendo Switch eShop on July 27, 2019. The trailer highlights the games whimsical story and roguelite dungeons, which can be traversed via controller or by touch screen inputs. Those interested in the game can pre-order Dandy Dungeon at a discounted price of $16.99. Upon release, the game will be available for the regular price of $24.99.

Dandy Dungeon stars Yamada, a lonely programmer that hates his job. At home he tinkers with his own creation, a RPG where he is the hero. He is instantly enamored with his new neighbor, Maria, who he immediately places in his RPG as a princess. His hopes for finding love in both realities are the central point of Dandy Dungeon’s story. Dandy Dungeon was originally released on iOS and Android in 2017.



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