New Dandy Dungeon Update Includes Part II

Onion Games has announced that Dandy Dungeon will receive a free update on April 2, 2020, for Nintendo Switch and PC, which also includes its sequel Dandy Dungeon II: The Phantom Bride. The announcement trailer can be viewed below.

The update for Dandy Dungeon will include new dungeons, including the post-game 99-floor Heaven’s Door dungeon, new weapons, armor, monsters, and music, some of which Nobou Uematsu helped compose. Dandy Dungeon is a romantic comedy RPG with roguelite gameplay. The story follows Yamada-kun, a lonely programmer who creates his own video game adventure and becomes the hero he always envisioned himself to be. The second game will serve as the story’s conclusion as Yamada-kun searches for his eternal love.



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