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Ni no Kuni II Goes Gold, Gets More Footage

Barring any further delays, Ni no Kuni II is just a month away from launch. Just in case you hadn’t seen enough of the game already, there is new Roland-heavy gameplay footage, as well as a behind-the-scenes video focusing on the game’s kingdom mode.

Ni no Kuni II Plays a Melody

The score plays a big part in many RPGs and Ni no Kuni II is no exception. Hear some of its score and the man who composed it .

Ni no Kuni II Tours Goldpaw

Ni no Kuni II introduces the city of Goldpaw, where dice-rolling determines everything. In addition to a brief tour trailer, the PlayStation Underground show spent a significant amount of time there.

Ni no Kuni II Shows Off New Systems

Ni no Kuni II keeps getting closer to release with another trailer. This time, the changes to the battle system as well as the all new Kingdom Mode are highlighted.

Ni no Kuni II Offers Character Design Insights

In its second behind the scenes video for Ni no Kuni II, Bandai Namco looks at the character designs. Three of the game’s key staff give their thoughts on the process of creating them.

Ni no Kuni II Gets Extended Gameplay Look

Looking for a sitcom episode’s worth of Ni no Kuni II footage? Look not further than this newest video, which goes more in-depth in the game’s strategy-flavored missions.