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Pathea Games, Nuverse Reveal Project ME

Pathea Games and Nuverse announced mobile title Project ME. The game is set in the same world as My Time at Portia and My Time at Sandrock, with players controlling the governor of a new settlement.

My Time at Portia Released on Consoles

My Time at Portia is now available on consoles. The game is available digitally in North America and Europe, as well as at retail in Europe, with a North American retail release coming next month.

My Time at Portia Review

Pathea Games’ My Time at Portia is the newest addition to the life-sim subgenre, with a focus on building. As with many construction projects, RPGamers may find it taking up more time than expected.

My Time at Portia E3 Impression 2

My Time at Portia’s calm and collected relaxation gameplay works doubly well at a bustling event like E3. We got to take a break from chaos to check out this upcoming simulation RPG, and once we were in, it quickly became hard to detach ourselves again.

My Time at Portia E3 Impression

My Time at Portia offered a different pace from the rest of the E3 show floor. Take a moment to relax and take in the island breeze with our impressions of the game’s early moments.